Entry Test Preparation

Most of the universities require candidates of their offered programs to pass specific entry tests. For instance, engineering universities like University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Taxila require appearing and passing E-CAT text to be enrolled in their engineering degree programs. Similarly, medical educational institutes require passing M-CAT exam for admission in programs like MBBS and BDS. Some other institutes require passing NAT exam for admission in various bachelor level programs.

To cope with such demands, students need instant and targetted preparation before appearing in such exams. Innovative Academy provides exam-oriented targetted preparation of such entry tests in a reasonable time. Our expert trainers provide not only coaching of the subject matters but also provide state-of-the-art tips and tricks to effectively attempt such exams.

Sn online learning management system (LMS) called Ozone is under development to let the students practise at home and provide feedback of their user experience to enhance the system.

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Preparation sessions for M-CAT, E-CAT, NAT and GAT General will be taking place from March 2020.