Communication Skills Training

English communication skills have always been fantasized by majority of pur nation. This is because English is the first choice for written and oral communication within professional organizations as well as during communication with people abroad. IELTS is an important requirement to go for studies in coutries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia among many others. Not only passing IELTS is mandatory but a high band like 6.5 or more is usually required to get study visa from such countries.

Moreover, spoken English is also not only a passion for many of the educated people, but people with good written and oral English communication skills are mostly preferred over more talented bu lacking in good English communication skills.

Technical writing is an utmost underrated domain in professional education like Computer Science, engineering and medical sciences. It has been observed that most of the talented and high-profile engineers, doctors, programmers, scientists and teachers remain unsuccessful in their fields because of paying less attention to technical communication skills like proposal writing, business letter writing, filling in tenders, writing RFP’s, writing resumes & CV’s, etc. Most of the professional degrees include courses related to technical communication skills but it is usually taught by non-technical teachers and students tend to take this course for granted and don’t take much interest during their formal education.

Keeping in mind the aspects mentioned above, Innovative Academy offers customized packages for learning and improving English skills not only to guide the students to earn professional certifications like IELTS/TOEFL but also to help them professionally and technically communicate to fulfill students’ professional needs. On the top of it, speaking and writing professional English language is always a fun and a passion.

Innovative Academy is currently offering following English language courses:

IELTS preparation

Spoken English

Technical Report Writing